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Building Bridges -Training Course on working with asylum seekers and refugees 11- 17 June 2016, Geneva,Switzerland

SCI Switzerland and SCI Building Bridges Working Group will run a training course idesigned for youth workers and young activists already working or willing to work with asylum seekers and refugees in different local contexts within the main topic: workcamps, short or long term local projects, campaigns and other initiatives. We are looking for 28 motivated participants nominated by the partner organizations and willing to be actively participating and involved during the whole project. During 5 working days the group will learn together and develop workshops in order to multiply the effect of the training back in the host local communities. Please have a look at the description of the training course and if interested, apply online by 24th April 2016.

Travel Costs are covered. The working language of the training course is English.

Aim of the training course

The aim of the project is to cover a wide range of issues related to asylum seeksers and refugees and to provide space for exchanging good practises from different projects, thus looking to inspire participants to create and participate in better projects in the host communities in which they would work. The program will be organized in different bridges, where participants will be invited to share and upgrade knowledge and skills:

Intro Bridge, Info Bridge, Mapping Bridge, Tools Bridge, Reality Bridge, Communication Bridge and Practice Bridge. During the evenings there will be also organized activities falling into the frames of: Games Bridge, Movie Bridge and Event Bridge. Thus together we will manage to Build Bridges around the following topics:

  • Asylum seekers and refugees: key words and definitions
  • Countries of origin of asylum seekers in Europe: history and cultural differences
  • The migration routes in Europe: old and new ways
  • The protection system for asylum seekers: legislation, governments and supporting NGOs
  • Stereotypes and myths: in asylum seekers shoes
  • Working with asylum seekers and refugees: short and long term projects
  • Working with asylum seekers: challenges, practicalities and methods
  • Working with asylum seekers: applied psychology Engagement in the field: exchange of good practices and presentation of successful projects and initiatives

INTERESTED: VSI Irl has 1 place for an enthusiastic participant -

  • already working or - willing to start to work with the target group in short or longterm local projects;
  • sending and receiving volunteers for workcamps on the topic or - are looking for training for coordinators for workcamps on the project. Working language of the activities – English

HOW TO APPLY: Please send a CV + motivation letter to by Wednesday 20 April 2016.

  • Describe the work of your organization within the topic of the seminar (past/current and planned
  • Describe your experience in working with asylum seekers and refugees
  • Why would you like to be part of this training course?
  • What can you contribute (please be as specific as possible)?



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